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Rubber Arena Footing & Arena Dust Control


Every arena owner strives for and dreams about the perfect horse arena footing. A dust-free, loam-like surface that provides shock absorption and sure-footedness for your horse. Our products will help you make that dream a reality.

Rubber Horse Arena Footing

Our TreadSoft crumb rubber horse arena footing will provide your horse with a consistant, shock absorbing surface. It helps water to drain, stops footing compaction, increases the life of your sand and reduces dust formation. In addition, it maintains its softness in freezing conditions, reduces arena glare and protects your horses legs from injury.

Arena Dust Control Solution

ArenaClear is the ultimate in arena dust suppressants for both indoor and outdoor riding arenas. It is cheap, easy to apply, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and odourless. It lessens the amount of water required while reducing mud in your arena by driving water down into the footing. All of this is accomplished with just 1 application per year after the first year.