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Arena Harrows


Noone wants to ride their horse on an unkept arena. Besides the fact that it doesn't look as nice, it can greatly affect performance and more importantly affects the safety of both horse and rider. Our quality arena drags will keep your indoor or outdoor ring in perfect riding condition.

Mini Arena Groomers

These handy mini arena groomers can be towed behind a small tractor or even an atv! It is available in 5 foot, 6 foot and 7 foot sizes and is equiped with 2 rows of our unique s-tines.

Standard Arena Groomers

These full size horse arena groomers come in 8 foot, 10 foot or 12 foot sizes. A 30hp to 60hp tractor is recommended for these harrows depending on size. They come equipped with 3 rows of s-tines.