Horse Arena Groomers & Arena Harrows

Horse Arena Harrow


Our full-sized horse arena groomers will harrow even the largest indoor or outdoor rings in no time. Both your horses and riders will greatly appreciate an arena that is always even and consistant. Parma groomers are the best in the industry.

Parma Horse Arena Groomer

These heavy-duty harrows make light work of even the largest indoor or outdoor arenas. Available in 8', 10' and 12' sizes and outfitted with 3 rows of s-tines. These groomers are made to last. The vibrating s-tines create an even, consistant riding surface for your horse.

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Product Features:
  • 3 rows of vibrating s-tines
  • S-tines are height adjustable to set digging depth
  • Levelling bar fills in holes and clears high spots
  • Roller to gauge depth and condition surface
  • Powder coated finish


WidthHP RequiredPrice

Accessories: Tongue & Ratchet Jack - $780 (If you don't have a 3-point hitch)