How Rubber Mats Can Help Your Horses

How Rubber Stable Mats & Matting Can Help You Care for Your Horses


Posted: November 24, 2009

If you’re like most people who care for horses, you want them to have the best environment and be healthy and comfortable. You also want to keep your costs down and make mucking out stalls as easy as possible. Horse mats made from recycled rubber, can make all of this possible.

Horse stall mats can be a dream come true for a horse, so to speak. Imagine being a horse and having to hold all that weight on your feet all the time. Rubber matting can relieve stress and fatigue on your horses’ feet and legs, and make them more comfortable. As a horse owner, you understand how important this is. When your horses are comfortable and not fighting fatigue and stress from standing on hard floors, they’re not only generally healthier, but are calmer and show better temperament. A calm, contented horse is easier to train and work with.

Obviously, horse stall matting makes your horses more comfortable, eases fatigue and stress, and eases the burden of their weight on those small feet. That is important, and you definitely want your horses to feel as good as possible, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could also make your own job of keeping horses easier? Rubber flooring can make cleaning stalls—and keeping them clean—easier, leaving you more time to do the things you want to do. The less time you spend mucking out stalls, the better, right?

When you use rubber horse mats in your horse stalls, you can use less bedding, because of the cushioning the rubber flooring adds to the stall. That, in itself, reduces time spent in mucking out horse stalls, of course. And smooth rubber horse stall mats also ensure that the urine is removed with the bedding. As you probably know, when urine builds up in an enclosed stall, ammonia fumes also build up, and that concentrated ammonia can create serious health problems for your animals.

Mats are not just for stalls, however. When your horses are traveling, horse trailer mats can make them more comfortable and prevent injuries. By providing a non-slip surface in the trailer, you help your horses keep their footing. They arrive at your destination ready to go.

Using rubber mats is as simple as installing the mats, in most cases. Your existing subsurface may be sufficient to install your mats. They work great on concrete or in level, solid surface that doesn’t change when it freezes or thaws. If your subsurface is not suitable, a subsurface of granite or limestone fines can be created to support your rubber flooring. A smooth, compacted surface that will not shift under your horses’ weight and movement is essential.

By providing a smooth, durable, easy-to-clean and cushioned surface for your horses to stand on, you help keep them healthy and, yes, happy. And as a caretaker of animals, you understand the importance of maintaining the best conditions in their stalls. Horse stall matting and horse trailer mats are one very effective way of maintaining those conditions.

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