SilverTec<sup>TM</sup> Interlocking Microcellular Stall Mats

Interlocking Therapeutic Microcellular Stall Mats


SilverTecTM is the next generation of horse stall mat. The mats offer a variety of features and benefits unparalelled by any other product on the market. Give your horse the ultimate in comfort and function with this premium barn flooring. It combines the durability of our standard interlocking stall mats, with lightweight and an extremely tight interlocking fit.

1" SilverTecTM Therapeutic Stall Mats

These mats are the ultimate flooring for your horse barn. The mat is made from a proprietary blend of rubber and closed cell foam to create maximum cushioning, stability and durability.

Quick Feature List:
  • Precision cut very tight interlock pattern
  • High traction, non-slip surface
  • 5mm layer Colloidal Silver Technology
  • Impermeable high density foam-rubber composite material
  • Anti-microbial, anti-fungal, stain resistant
  • Mat weighs just 35 lb. for ease of handling / transport for shows
  • Button underside allows flow of air and fluids
  • Very portable ideal for shows
  • Extremely durable

Collodial Silver Technology

SilverTecTM mats feature a 5mm layer of collodial silver embedded in the surface. This silver ion layer helps to kill off surface bacteria that can cause infection and disease. Help to keep your horses comfortable and healthy with this top of the line matting system.

A Truly Portable Stall Mat

At just over 35 lbs. each, the SilverTecTM are light weight and easy to remove from the stall for cleaning and are great for travelling to shows! SilverTecTM mats are non-porous and interlock on 3 sides. Can be lifted and moved easily by even the smallest stable hands!